Samples on
Radio freindly song for school
improv guitar solo
Song written by my friend i recorded
Planets Numbering Nine - sample version from the new CD
Acoustic song improv
Acoustic song actually on the CD
Old Version of a new song

Other Stuff
Devil Doll type piece I started. Long story behind it.....interesting though...

Improv guitar stuff Trying to learn to sing for school
Trying to learn to sing for school I wrote these quickly
Trying to learn #3 .... big joke!!!

Progressive Side Project Samples Home page here (most at low low quality for space reasons, but you get the idea...
#1 Untitled
#2 Untitled
#3 Untitled
#4 Untitled
#5 Untitled - improvised writing again and the whole acoustic thing is straight from my head
Strange Deja Vu a dream theater cover i'm doing death metal haven't really spiced it up or done the vocals yet

Ideas that didn't quite make it
Some riff ideas
Other ideas
Demo of old material
Another Demo of old material
Sonata I wrote done specifically for Runelore with piano, guitars, drums, etc...
Ainulindale - another project I did years ago
New Millenium's End - a black metal band I did in 1994 similar to old Marduk, Cd available now.
Various Midis
Other various ambient, classical, film mp3s and real audio I've done