"The Festival of Death" Chapter 17

Grave Desecration is something that happens relatively frequent in our time. Why? The reactions are always strong when someone destroys the graves of the dead. It is totally meaningless and only creates antipathy with those who do it. So why do they do it? It's actually meaningless. I have myself many friends who have desecrated graves, and what they all have in common, is a hate for the society and those who work for it. Some allow it to affect other people, some let it affect society's possession, while others let it affect society's values. All is done in revenge against the society which entirely destroys this society. To destroy a grave is mostly a respectless thing you can do against society. The dead are a kind of symbol of those who made society what it is today. They are also a symbol of our forefathers back to the time when we were a proud people of our own culture. No worthy heathen lies buried in a churchyard.

We don't actually have a good reason to completely respect our forefathers, the ones who let our culture falls in ruins, who desecrated our graves, and built glaring churches over them, who spit on Odin and on the other gods and goddesses, who made our land and people slaves to other countries, who cut down our forefathers with ice-cold blood because they were not loyal to Odin and were not ashamed of it. Should we respect them? Each christian that lives today is responsible for this, and because they don't reject the religion with caused this, it shows that they don't take distance from it either. I can stand for all heathendom through all the time! It is not only one thing I can take distance from. It is one of the reasons I am heathen, it has never caused something negative for the germanic people! So can we ask the christian; what positive thing has christianity done for the germanic people? Is it not a thought that it has done nothing positive for our people? We have learned to write the alphabet and gotten a very "literate" culture. It sounds certainly positive, but when the alternative is our own Futhark and very oral tradition it's suddenly not so positive.

Today we know a couple of hundred Edda and that is all. I grieve when I think of how many scaldic art that have been lost on account of the christianizing of Germania and Scandinavia! We hear that we ought to be thankful for the christians since they preserved the Edda-poems for us, for without their writing could certainly all have been lost. They don't hear the self contradiction in this. Then will I answer that had it not been for the christians, would we not need to write down a poem, for then we had our parents and grandparents who told us these dictations, and surely many others in a heathen Norway where we could sacrifice to Odin who being burnt at the stake or being put in cages half of our life for this reason. My grandparents on my mother's side and portion of my fathers, were Christian. When my mother went out to play at 6 or 7 years old she got the message from he mother that an angel was always behind her and always told her mother what she did. My mother turned around to see this angel, tried to see it in an image and dared not to do a thing she didn't have permission to do. The mother weakened never with this angel, my mother had to herself find out that it wasn't true. Ask a psychologist about what kind of effect this has on a child who is out to play, so have you christianity's effect on our people. "God sees all".

A result of this is that neither my mother nor any brother was baptized. We had ourselves a choice; something I am forever thankful for. Thanks mom! I can feel sympathy for those who didn't have a choice, and I know that this sympathy is built on disgust the thought that all "holy" jewish water has touched them. Something so disgusting. So back to with I began with. For each churchyard that is totally destroyed, is a heathen grave avenged. For every 10 churches that lie in ashes, is a heathen avenged, for every 10 priests or freemasons that dissolve, is a heathen avenged.

There is much to avenge, not because we heathens believe it's something fun, but because we owe it to our proud heathen forefathers to avenge their misery and our misery which is a feeling of that. I had recently read in the paper a commentary on grave desecration which follow, "I cannot grasp that someone has the pleasure of such," this shows the party's ignorance and narrow mindedness. Who has said that it shall be fun, or that one has pleasure in everything one does? The christians from the paper article betrayed clearly their heathonistic vision by exclusively going out to say that the graves were destroyed in order to please someone, which is not possible. If its fun or not plays no part, it is out duty to avenge our proud forefathers.

Many christians feel the belief of such remarks. They have no reason for this. When we have crushed the motive powers behind Christianity it will die. When the truth about christianity comes out in the light it, a healthy mankind will not hesitate a second on casting the stake and burning it to nothing! I know that in each and every german there is a heathen which is worth taking care of, a christian today could be awakened to live again. Likewise must someone be sacrificed so that we shall get the ball rolling again! As soon as Christianity is rejected, can the former Christians remain as good heathens who we are (with the exception of the freemasons, they are certainly no longer german, they are artificial jews). It has nothing to do with hoe long you have been heathen, but that you are today or tomorrow, or in the future. From Odin we have come and to Odin shall we go. Hail Odin!