The Real Racists Chapter 18

There are many so called anti-racists who actively fight against "racism" but what is actually what they fight against, and doesn't this make them racist themselves? They plead to gith against intolerance and prejudice. Yes I am totally intolerant of foreign cultured people, they have nothing to do here. But my intolerance is at the expense of foreign people and not our own! I don't tolerate foreigners that come here and destroy our people, with narcotics, venereal disease, race mixing, rape of our women! If we can spare a norwegian woman from being raped by exile or certain death or taking the life of ten thousand foreigners than yes I believe that we shall do it! Yes, absolutely.

The foreign culture are over represented in criminals in relation to how many there are. I spoke myself with a policeman who could explain that 60% of all criminal inmates in Oslo are foreigners. The police didn't have the permission to announce this to the higher party, and this says how sincere the government is. The truth is held back from the people, is this democracy I ask? The "anti-racists" don't tolerate our intolerance, and they attack us (only when they are 5 to 6 times as many as we are). Not all use violence in order to defend the same who attack us or sell narcotics to our children, a portion devote their life to fighting against our intolerance. We shall kill by silence, we shall awake. Such intolerant people like us society cannot tolerate. They tolerate also not Norwegians who fight for the Norwegian people's life even more, but they tolerate foreign cultured people who are parasites on the Norwegian people! In Sweden every 4th child is born of foreign cultured origin, how can a country let something like that happen? Are the swedish people so little worth while for Sweden? Are the norwegian people so little worth while that we tolerate foreign cultured parasites? It is crazy enough that we live in a foreign jewish (anti)culture if not we shall blend it with still more jewish elements (like Islam).

Why do people fight against "racism"? They say after all by fighting for the colored that the colored people are too dumb or weak to fight for themselves. They don't need white people's protection in order to defend themselves. Those who have pity on the colored despise them, all sympathy is despite! We also hear "the anti racists" say that we are not any better than the colored, they are just as worthy as us. I agree with that, the anti racists are not better than the colored, but it is us! For we have our pride, our loyalty with the people, our will to fight and die for the Norwegian people, our scrupulous love that is ours, our consideration for our children and grandchildren, and this makes us much more worthy, we are norwegian! So to the foreign cultured's representation to be criminals, but that is not most important. Why are they here? I will here say that those who flee from their homeland, flee because they fear for their lives. Where was the willing to sacrifice for their homeland? Maybe much, maybe nothing, but what we know is they're not willing to die for their own cause. They flee from the problem instead of solving the problem. They are also only weak people who are not willing to fight and die for their fatherland, they are simply retreating. Do you think they're willing to fight and die for Norway? Or think they will flee if it becomes dangerous here also? Do you have any doubt? A land is dependent that the people don't flee when there are problems, if they flee then what? We allow the refugees, we are so naive that we think that since we treat them so good that they will certainly help us if we have problems. This is nonsense. If there is trouble they will be first to run. They won't sacrifice a calorie for the norwegian people.

We have certainly other immigrants also. Those who really pass necessity in their homeland remain in their homeland. Some certainly remember pictures of Rwanda where the negroes went around in the street and beat down children, women, and the elderly with machetes because they were not Hutsuer or Tutsier. And we are the intolerant ones? There is something called "Norway for Norwegians," and what's more important is that we are "Norwegians for Norway!"
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