"Red White and Blue" Chapter 21

All the Nordic lands have a cross in their flag. This is to show that we believe we are christian, but actually the cross has nothing to do with christianity. As I said earlier it is a heathen middle ocean symbol of humanity that stand with outstretched arms and admires and praises mother earth. We certainly also have in modern times gotten the confirmation that this weak jew with the name Jesus was not crucified, he was fastened to a stake instead! So actually it is not circled around that we have a cross in our flag. The problem is that (so to speak) all connect the cross with christianity.

I have a need to norwegianize the flag, and make all other Nordic flags more Nordic also. Denmark's flag is the world's oldest flag, but likewise would a danishizing of the flag have made itself. The colors are elegant, but it is the cross. (The norwegian flag is actually a norwegianizing of the Danish flag 1820 a.y.p.s. we decorated the flag of ours with a blue stripe)

What can we actually do with it? Norwegians mostly are happy with the flag, and have a good relationship with the flag as it is today. Should we change it? We ought to consider it seriously, it is not the world's most important case, but it is one of a whole. A cross on the flag is a stripe in the start for a heathen realm. We can change it with a solkas (Thor's hammer).