"History Falsification" Chapter 37

It's always the winner of the war who writes the history. That the freemason Roosevelt, who was President in the USA during the war, knew in good time that the Japanese planned to bomb Pearl Harbor, but didn't do anything to stop it, is something the revisionists have for a long time exposed. The same is considered of Germany's so-called jewish elimination. The Jew elimination at the end of the 2nd World War is both deliberate and disproved, so what shall we believe is entirely up to ourselves. I won't claim that they didn't gas any jews, but I will take a position strongly doubting that they gassed over 6 million of them, or as many a number near it! Actually I will claim that is a lie!

Why? 1st I know that the winner wrote the history to their benefit, 2nd is that Europe swarms of jews today (if there was over 6 million jews in Europe than I understand today why there are so many anti-Semites left) for the 3rd there is 8 million jews in the USA who for the majority have polish or german last names (where did they come from? Did they pop out of thin air or fly to USA before the war? So they weren't gasses anyway) for the 4th I have problems understanding how the Germans should manage to gas 6 million people in ½ a year (it began in March 1944 or April and ended in Sept. or Oct. the same year because the gas they used was Zyklon B, a gas which gives serious injury if you get in on your bare skin, and the gas chamber cannot be entered for at least 24 hours after it's used (they claim that new loads of jews were gassed every 20 minutes)). I have myself seen "the true stories" which have been cinematized and how the Germans open the containers the gas was kept in with a bayonet without having gloves on their hands and dressed only in a miserable gas mask. This is ludicrous! In the same film, the "true" story, the SS officers were entertained by gypsies and gypsy music.

When we know that gypsy music was strongly forbidden (and we know that SS men were actually those who didn't break this rule) so we say little about how truthful this "true" story must be ( I think of the film "Kjemp eller dų" fight or die) If you have 15 gas chambers (the Germans didn't have this many at once) and gas 200 in each chamber every day for half a year (about 185 day) you totally gas (15 x 200 x 185 = 555,000) 555,000 people. That the Germans managed to gas 6 million jews in this time is beyond all logic! Even German effectiveness has it's limits. Besides, if these camps were elimination camps, then why did it swarm of jews after the war which tells us that they had been in elimination camps? If they spoke the truth, they ought to be dead themselves, if not then it's impossible for them to have been elimination camps! And if they say that they stood on a "waiting list" to be gassed it means that it took longer to gas them, and then it can be impossible that the Germans had managed to gas 6 million in such a short time! The lies are contradictions! Spare us their ludicrous lies.

Another thing is the jews. What did the jews actually do during the war, aside form being gassed? If 6 million jews died and all were gassed, what actually did these who weren't? They sat at home and talked money while their brothers were gassed? I can believe that 6 million jews died during the war, but I also think that consists of all who died of old age, sickness, hunger, work accidents, other accidents, in the war as soldiers who fought against the 3rd Reich, of suicide and other things. Accurately such as the other people died in the war, and in peace also, with the exception of those who died as soldiers. They were at any rate, not gassed, as stated from the ally's side, mostly from the jews own side!

According to the report from the red cross about 120,000 jews died in German concentration camps and all died of sickness and hunger (which all struggled with in Germany at the time) I believe this, but I believe not that 6 million were gassed!

It seems as if the Germans had pity for the dead to absolutely all jews who died in the period from 1939 to 1945. Do you believe in the jewish elimination? Then you must also not believe that a single Jew died for any other reason from 1939-45, is there anything to believe?