"Army Angel" Chapter 38"

The defense we have in Norway today is pitiful! We have fewer warplanes in Norway than a single American aircraft carrier has. We have a main marine base outside of Bergen, which is completely unprotected, as the government has its army division in Hordaland. We have an army that is supplied with weapons that are up to 55 years old. At the same time they talk about how important it is to protect the peace in Europe, if the situation that Norway should be drawn into a conflict arises.

It took 1 million soldiers 2 months to force Norway to surrender, with only 20,000 miserably supplied soldiers defending Norway, and some allied strengths who fought around Narvik. Norway's situation is similar today! The defense was built constantly down between war times, while the entire Europe built up its military power, today Norway build down again, while Europe builds up.

Today the treason government in Norway talks about securing the peace for us with membership in jewish organizations like the EU, FN, and NATO! This is done by giving away our land to avoid having to offer a little toil and tears, and take responsibility for Norway! Norway has at all no need for any other allies than Sweden and maybe Finland.

If Norway took responsibility for itself we would not need to be afraid of anyone. No power in the world would manage to force a strong gathered Norway to its knees.

Sweden had up to a few years ago the world's 3rd strongest air defense (now china is the largest and possibly India too). Finland has a stupendous army and Norway a strong sea defense (so to speak useless without air support and secure bases to get supplies from. Håkonsvern is no such base when the army department who should defend it and the territory around it is built down.)

If all these 3 Nordic lands join forces together and build up their defense in all ways we will not need any others. We will not need to creep in the dust and beg for help from others, as the traitor government does today to get a guarantee of help from the same lands who invaded us or planned to invade us a little over 50 years ago. Russia attacked Finland Nov. 30 a.y.p.s.

Germany attacked Norway April 9 1940 and Britain together with France were on the way to invade Norway the same day, but the Germans stole a march on them. Sweden gave all its ore resources to the 3rd Reich and by stopping these deliveries these allies would occupy both Norway and Sweden. They had to go through Norway to get to Sweden (the Baltic was blocked of Germans to make the enemies of Germany stronger from Sept. 1 1939, when they attacked Poland) and in addition all the ore was transported from Narvik with ships to Germany. It is therefore there were hard fights in Narvik. This was also a place French soldiers fought against Germans in Norway.

May 13 1940 a.y.p.s. the French became "the 1st Battalion, 13th Demi-Brigade de Legion Etrangere" (the foreign legionnaires) and the French "342nd Compagnie Autonome de Chars de Combat" (5 Hotchkiss tanks, 12 ton tanks with .37mm cannons and sovereign armor compared to the german tanks at the time) set in the land by British landings craft at 01:00 o' clock in the vicinity of Bjerkvik north-east of Narvik by the head of Herjangs-Fjorden. Two weeks later Narvik was captured by a strong consistence of French, Norwegian, and polish soldiers supported by British planes and ships. The allies meddled altogether not about Norway; they were only interested in Narvik. It was from there the resources to Germany were transported.

If Germany had not occupied Norway; the allies would have done it. Then Germany would likewise have been able to invade Norway to secure it (for Germany) the essential Swedish ore resources. Had it happened, Norway and Sweden would have become territories as itself the war was fought out. The entire Scandinavia would have been laid in ruins.

From 2 bad things – german occupation in Norway or the prolonged war in the entire Scandinavia – we got it bad. Instead of cursing the Germans for what they did, we ought to curse the allies who pushed Germany to occupy Norway, and we ought to curse the "Norwegian" traitor government who didn't work together with the Germans instead of believing they could be neutral! Those who believe that Norway was for the allies before Germany's occupation of Norway I must disappoint (or I hope please) that Norway was a neutral land with more sympathy for Germany than for Great Britain/the commonwealth of France. The Norwegian merchant fleet was very german friendly. A consequence of this was that around 3500 Norwegian fishers and seafarers perished on the sea from the result of British air attacks against german military targets (Norwegian merchant ships and fishing boats).

Or certainly we have other examples of allied air attacks against the german occupation's power, as the bombing of a Norwegian children's school on Laksevåg in Bergen for example, where over 100 children and teachers were lying dead in the ruins. That a single german soldier cried over what had happened while they fought against the fire and dug the school kids and teachers out of the ruins, is something we don't hear about much (the winner writes the history, and the Germans lost the war, therefore there is only a little positive written about them in history).

Around 10,000 people lost their lives as a result of the german occupation in Norway. We can strongly wonder how many actually the Germans took the lives of. There are not so many after we have counted all who the allies took the life of with their bomb attacks (not at least in Kirkenes where a handful of houses were all that stood after the Russian bombing during the war). Germany didn't feel like occupying Norway in it's entirety, the Norwegian people were a prime example of a proud, healthy and Aryan people in the German's eyes and we had no discrepancy between the countries. They were pushed to it by the allies and complained not as much as we Norwegians did!

So a little bit about the occupation itself.

We shall be glad that it was Germans who occupied Norway, and not any others. The Germans liked the northmen, at least because we were a prime example of a clean Aryan people.

We hear today about acts of violence in the former Yugoslavia, committed by both or all three, parts in the conflict, if a german soldier rapes a woman in an occupied land he is executed! This noble side of the german army we never hear anything about, we only hear the negative of them and most if it is lies! The German's didn't look at us as enemies, and they didn't see us as an occupation army! Northmen were dealt with afterwards!

Norwegian women who had intercourse with Germans under the occupation were closely cropped and pestered after the occupation. Today in a single environment in Norway, Norwegian women are pestered, and some even mistreated, or if they abstain from having intercourse with colored foreigners, because then they are "racists" or "Nazis"! This says much about the development we have had in Norway after wartime. Certainly the Germans were part of an occupation power, but it is also the "colored" foreigners who reside in Norway now. There are not so many that see them as this, but it is actually what they are!

The occupation's power is an international power, Illuminati, which works to destroy all the clean-raced Aryan people from within with race blending, narcotics and with Jewish Christian religion and politics!

In Sweden every 4th child born is of foreign origin. In Germany over 5 million "colored" foreigners live, and in Norway's capital city it's impossible for the "west land farmers" and "country idiots like me" to find grocery stores which are not owned by "colored" if one finds himself east of the Oslo Central Train Station!

We feel like foreigners in our own country!

In Norwegian prisons there is on the average 40% of "colored" inmates, in Oslo it's 60%, and so to speak all sit for narcotics crimes (or it is the murder of other "colored" and rape of Norwegian women that they sit for). What is actually we think of?

If all this development stops our folk will go under. Cast these parasites out of our land!!!