"Norwegian Earth" Chapter 40

There have been many churches burnt in the last years. A portion of the heathen revival. Why are they burning churches? What happens when a church is burnt is that more people learn to set a price on the churches, more become christians, and the church's power is strengthened.

It can after all work as if the church burning has the complete opposite effect, but such is it also not. For even though the church and it's coward jewish worship is strengthened, heathendom is strengthened 10 times as strong!

To burn a church is like giving a sword to the church, but at the same time 10 swords to heathendom, and with that heathendom is strengthened most from the church burning. We get the psychologically wise Odin to the people, and Odin is ignited in their soul is the effect. At least not our old brainwashed parents and their fossil parents are drawn against the church while the youth are drawn against heathendom.

Self said, to be drawn the young and the old both ways, but above I speak about the majority of the groups. Our psychological warfare is a long term one. It will take a long time to get the adults to see the glory and splendor in heathendom, so if we had tried we would not manage it before the death of the age. Instead of correcting the attention against our own generation, and the next. They are not brainwashed by the jewish system yet and with that it is easier to manage to get them to understand how necessary heathendom is. When we manage this they will altogether have a long life in front of themselves if it takes maybe 20 years to get a norwegianizing of them. At the same time Christendom will die out as our parents and their parents again die out. The time is on our side. Our parent's generation says that the youth are so easy to influence and with that we try to wake them instead. They say that our message is so weak that we must go on the weak youth so that we shall get some with us. This is a typical jewish way to explain away disagreeable things.

The reality is that the youth are not brainwashed by christianity yet, and therefore it is easier for us to recruit the youth to our noble war than it is to recruit adults. The youth is still spiritually healthy and unspoiled by the jewish christian's death worship and misanthropy. The younger we are the less we are infected with foreign morals and ethics. A 15 year old has far more against an 18 year old. It's the young teenagers that are the least afraid of getting in a fight. The older the more cowardly. This is due to exactly what I speak about above, they have more of our natural heathen morals and the stronger the younger they are, the older they are the more indoctrinated in the jewish system they are! This cannot be explained away, it is what it is. The older we become the less fantasy we get, this is due to the same. Colorful heathen children are painted gray by the jewish system's death religion as they grow up.

I am 21 years old and was looked upon as a kid of correct psychology. This is due to the fact that I like to play. When I was out, I played with my friends. This sounds funny maybe, but I did it. The play turned into fighting with 3 sticks and clubs. We got 5-6 sticks in the forest, got in groups and then separated our teams. The 1st group could for example be assigned to fire at some monetary ruins while we tried to take the monastery. It was dark and while 4 defended the ruins there could be 2 that attacked. So the play went on to creeping and striking those down, or to take an object that they had put in a place in the ruins and come out "alive". The rules for the fighting were only that we shouldn't beat on the head and that we shouldn't hit harder than it hurt, only "marked". Even though we only marked we got blue and bloody sores (from a mark from a club 2 or 3 kg. ) especially cuts on fingers and bruises on arms and legs.

There are many scenarios that went on in the play, for example, 3-4 of us would hunt one along the forest, the ambush attack with various traps and blunt spears cast out against the enemy, fighting on steep slopes, over water and the like. To roll down a slope and land in a creek is not especially pleasant, so there one fought rather intense in order to avoid the fall. This is the childish fun you learn to endure pain and is good exercise. You learn tactics and fighting art. If this isn't a fine lesson than I don't know what is. It's also a little dangerous, but it is only fun and helpful. I hope I never become an "adult."

Now back to the churches.

Many say the church represents our culture, it ought to be very clear that they don't, clear for all and each other. The churches are a portion of the jewish christian culture, not the norwegian culture! I agree that many of the stave churches are built with outstanding art with heathen architecture, but it doesn't mean that the churches aren't jewish christian! We ought to relive the building art and build in heathonistic styles today, instead of mumbling over the old stave churches. We don't need rejoicing over the stave churches existence when we can build finer and more cultural buildings today.

The main reason that the stave churches are burnt or tried to be burnt is what they are built on. Most often the stave churches are built in the middle of a natural circle. A heathen holy place. Such places were used for magic, where they danced in a ring. In the ring there is also an empty stone hill temple where they denounced jewish christian idiots.

How can they expect us to respect their churches when they are built on top of our thousand year old heathen holy places? One and all were either crushed, destroyed, or built churches on our land when it became infected of this spiritual black death around the year 1000!. All the soil was flattened and compensated with church farms and monasteries. The christians destroy it and when we take little action we are put in prison and punished as "evil satanists" and "devil worshippers." If there is any devil it is the "god" the jewish christians themselves adore, because nothing other than a "devil" would allow such death worship. By building jewish christian garbage on our holy earth they sealed a door to more knowledge about our past. They have watched the "culture" interested in fighting in order to preserve these seal by letting the old churches stand on holy heathen soil, they have watched them fight for the loss of our culture by making them fall in love with it.

The graves in the earth under the oldest churches are the biggest chance for us to find tracks of our forefathers, norse worship, magic and sorcery. So regardless of where fine stave churches are, that which is under them is of a large interest, both for heathendom and culture interest. (the jewish christians have nothing to say, Norway is heathen earth, our earth.)

This is considered of all churches and similar insults against the building art, which is from the middle ages or built on heathen holy soil from that time.