"Our Belief" Chapter 66

I can understand why Christianity has such a large power here in the world today, yes actually why our gods were repressed by "god". It is so much easier for people to believe in a god than it is for them to believe in themselves. The christians can explain everything with, "god's ways are inscrutable" that "god is all knowing" and if they have problems they can "pray to god". How much simpler is it to not face the problem than it is to find an answer and solve it yourself? I see lots when christians gather, they sing together, they swing their arms and stare in the air together, they listen to the priest, they are always together. They are a part of a mass, a power. This works for them, for they seek security and one finds security in the largest flock, and today it is "god's" flock!

Odin is not all-mighty. The gods are a group of large men who struggle as us people, they fight with all kinds of problems, just as we do. The largest of them all are those who have the most and largest problems, he broods constantly, and works hard to get things which he wants to have. He is no all-mighty "god" who gets what he wants at the snap of a finger, he struggles like us, with the same problems as us and sees as us. Our gods are humanly, they are deathly, and they struggle hard to uphold their existence. They explain to us that laziness and survival don't go together, that self kings shall struggle, for their people, they tell us that the problems must be solved, that we shouldn't give up, that we must plan, that we must think and that we can never come to a "paradise" where all is only well.

This "paradise" of the jewish christian belief doesn't work other than to break down the worl morale, life's joy and love of the earth we live on. The "paradise" tells us that we work to be able to loaf later, that true happiness and pleasure is not something we know here on earth, and that earth is only next best, it comes barely enough to another place when it's considered of the worlds. The honor is our "paradise" and you win honor by taking in, working, struggling and fighting for their neighbors.

I am provoked when Valhalla is compared to "paradise", as the "heathen's paradise". This is nonsense. In the all-father's hall one eats and drinks and fights every day. As earlier explained this is not meant, such as promised a life in a glorious heaven is, where one exists in a sort of Nirvana for an eternal time.