Chapter 83

Many will believe that I am against education. No, I'm not, at any rate, but I am against the "education" we get today. The children's schools are leading to total destruction of the strong and healthy humanity, here shall the foundation of the destruction be shaped. We shall sit so long at the desk, we shall sing mass jewish christian songs, socialize, we shall be modeled after a known pattern set by the jews and red legged communist whores! The world outside the class room is the last room we live in. The life of most Norwegians ends actually here, in the class room it becomes taken, they are killed. Not physically taken, but spiritually and intellectually killed.

For me, I lived a good life, entirely until I was forced to begin gradeschool. At three years old I climbed over the fence at the school and ran home. I escaped! This was only the first time. From when I was three until six I was stolen from my mother, crying five days a week, and the situation was the same the year I went to school in Iraq.I hated gradeschool, all schools I was forced into, and learned to hate "women's lib". My mother was a "buisness woman" who worked with my father. As all young people I had my bad times, we lived in and old number of houses and drove around in an old Renault 4 (the model exists no longer, I have at any rate not seen any all year) so my mother must have worked. It got better when my parents work advanced in standing socially, "Hurray!"

I have heard some history of "child school mentality," (double meaning) in the 70's, that the grade school was so superb and nice, that it was a sort of "trend" to have your kids there. A "miracle cure" for getting "correct" youths. A Bergen woman compared it as putting children in gradeschool was like a labotomy in a debate program on the mountain, I must say this is the best comparision I have ever heard. The grade school took my life, and life's joy. After I finished I never really had a wish to live, never found real pleasure in life. Legally people surely took my grade school life. "Labotomy". I have nothing against taking lives, but to destroy life I am strongly against! And in scheming conspiracy, the grade school destroys our lives together.

It's not only me who lost his life by reason of "women's lib". This is considered of all youths born after the day nursery came into being. "Day nursery", yes we can call it concentration camps, where femenists concentrate youths of thiers while they develop masculine features in the soul meanwhile. The Gymnasium is the most intense phase of the jewifying of school boys! The University is a furthering of this intense jewification, but the Gymnasium is craziness in yourself, crazy enough to destroy the rest of the health in a boy's soul. Some survive, but it is few. The University shall compensate the empty room where your soul was with a jewish socialist soul, it's the same soul all boy's get, all shall be painted as one color!

The education is only a bi-effec of this, the pity less jewish power uses to get a watch on us, in the satanic machine! "The Nazis" put gypsies and jews in concentration camps, today all children are put in them! So what is an alternative? The alternative is to stay at home with out children, parent as jobs in the home, as farmers, and parent more time and power to our children. I can not think of anything else than to be at home with my kids, to teach them and live together with them as parents should. All teaching can be done via play, or made into play, and for this reason we can give the instruction a place in the heart of the children, instead of giving them a place of hate and undevelopment the school creates. I remember still what my father taught me, not only what he taught me, but how, where and in which environment, and who else was there if anyone was. On the downside of the house on Odin's Vei, when I was five or six years old as far as I can remember, I learned how I should hold a knife, that I should never whittle towards me, but away. He taught me how I should extend the knife to others if they ask for it. He stood over me and bent down to show me and sat on one knee, by standing against the way, and no other was there, only me and my father with a little pen knife with a red handle. All knots and names of knots I learned from him the same as my brother while I stood on the dock he had made outside the place we went on summers. A black dock painted with tar I believe. We practiced with a gray rope on a beam which stuck out and which functioned as a corner support on the dock. Halfhitched and square knot and many more.

I can explain things by examplifying things I learned by my father, and with that I have a good hold of things. The point is that he taught me, or my mother did, while all I have learned in school - the little I learned there - is connected with something negative. With the exception of reading and writing. History, math, physics, biology, religion, etc..... I have learned by reading books myself by having interests which are of my choice. School was thrown away ironically enough I learned all they didn't want me to at school - I learned to hate socialism, the weak system and the jewish communisitic whores for example!

The only good lesson is the one parents give their children and the one man learns himself. Teach children to read, write and speak other languages, then the rest is clear for themselves, for all this will be connected with something good and secure, and therefore will the child be able to lead to an education. It will be fun to learn for "mama taught me this". That is the point.

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