Chapter 9 "The Female Guardian Spirit"

Respect for our parents can be so much. Today we have no form of respect for them and there are some that should think about it some more, for why in the hell should we have respect for these who have lived an entire life without doing whatever in order to cast out the oppressors of the people? (Christianity)

The entire basis of our family's pride is ripped away from us. For who can tell about their family any more than two maybe three generations back? Can you tell me where you descend from? What your forefathers did? The family is honor's fundamental, the most central in heathen belief. To tell your kids about who he or she is named after, about the methods and distinct qualities, and about who he or she descends from is not only giving the child pride and self confidence, but it is also something that makes the family, the clan, an unity! The same with fairytales, sagas and Edda-poems are family sagas what the kid needs in order to develop in a constructive manner. It is also the most important contribution to give the child respect for his forefathers and parents. For if mother and father are nothing in our eyes, why should we who are their offspring be any better? Sick and weak give birth to younger sick and weak! Dumb forefathers have dumb kids!

Here we come to race hygiene, for by letting all those die with the help of modern medicine is assuring them to grow up and again have weak and sick kids, it's totally destructive for our race and entire humanity. If our people don't give birth to stronger and stronger (also strong mentality) children, will we go under; for what doesn't become stronger every day, becomes weaker, and all others become stronger. We shall not put to death those who are not strong, but we shall mourn in order to get them to understand that they ought to not have children with others that are weak. Two weak parents have weak kids, but a strong raises at any rate the standard on what that is weakest. The weak's offspring will in this manner be stronger than the weak who are giving it life, or who gave it life.