So I will talk about the heathen life altogether. The woman is a symbol of life and purity. No man will marry a woman that's not such a symbol, an no woman can think to lose the respect and praise she gets as such a symbol. This is what makes her a woman. The definition of a pure woman is not that she's a virgin, a pure woman is a woman who holds herself to the same man and no other! Even though a woman being raped against her own will becomes filth, and dishonors her man or father. It's the father's or the man's duty to protect his wife or daughter, and if he cannot do this, he's not much of a man. No man will marry a dirty woman, and if she dirties herself after the marriage takes place, he has the right to divorce. A woman scarcely finds a man who wants a woman who's divorced, for she's no longer pure. A man can, if someone wishes to be his wife, marry again. It's the woman that's a symbol of life and purity, and must be watched out for, not the man! A woman that loses a man of hers cannot marry again without being filthy.

A man has the right to beat an unfaithful woman when she disrespects him with her unfaithfulness! (A man that has an unfaithful wife cannot worthwhile in bed since she goes to another). The woman is something that shall be adored, she is the symbol of life and what can carry the family further. She is pure and can be held pure, if she wants, her entire life. Each pure woman is a goddess and shall be looked upon as a goddess also. Women have all the countless qualities men don't have, such as life and purity. Women are more gifted than men are, an example is the woman is more emotional and therefore more clever than men with things that have to do with feelings, for example when it is considered of curing sickness.

The woman is also necessary to give a man his strength and his courage then it is herself, that is half of the motivation to the man! Think only about all the dumb things men have done over the years on account of women. It's the woman's expectations that make the man brave, without the woman he is a coward. Yes, it's the woman's expectations that shape the man. When the woman is no longer a symbol of purity and life, she drops in value to the man and likewise loses her influence on the man and he becomes weak and cowardly. It is only morally reduced women that like feminine men. When the Jewish-christian culture doesn't assess these characteristics of women, the woman loses her value.

Christendom is a man's religion with only manly symbols with the exception of the virgin Mary (Maria). They raise virginity, not purity, and raise with that, the woman who doesn't shape their life to a position which leads the life further. I will call it worship of death and nothing else. The nuns are in reality the biggest devil worshippers we have here in the world, it's an organized form of death worship. Many will respond to the murder, but these nuns don't allow life to be born and that's the same thing as committing murder. This unnatural death religion has the effect on us Germans (and all other non-Jewish races) that it brings forward the piece opposite us that they wish to bring forward. Our nature rises and sets up a defense mechanism that build up opposite it. With that women become whores, the opposite of virgins, in the Jewish christian culture. Those who let the women become, be, and live as whores are the men. The men's pride (being proud of having sex with a dirty woman) and sense of honor (to feel dishonored if the women are a gang of shitty wenches) is broken by the death religion like the women. Then women are a part the man's honor, it doesn't mean they don't have a sense of honor and allegiance to their honor. Them women are just as much a part of the man's honor, that the man is himself.