ďThe Hidden BetrayalĒ Chapter 10

Modern Medicine is hostile because it makes us weaker and dependent of medicines. Itís a daily routine to use moisture cream on your skin which weakens the skinís ability to produce itís own moisture, toothpaste that weakens the mouthís one resistance against cavities in the teeth, and the toothbrush which makes weak the enamel and other things.

A flower needs to be looked at and appreciated to continue to emit itís scent. A sort of food for the flowerís soul. The same is considered of people. We also emit out own natural scent that needs to be appreciated in order to not disappear. To compensate this scent with artificial smells, is to undermine this scentís ability to attract the other gender. If it goes on long enough, the scent disappears entirely, just like singe flowers. The scent turns sour or changes and loses itís magical attraction. The flowers need creatures and people close to them to order to spread their pollen, and it gets them with itís magical scent (and/or with itís colors). For the same reason people need other people near them in order to spread, and one of the tools are perfumes. The artificial perfumes destroy mankindís magical scents and in the long run, they are helping to destroy mankind.