To those who believe in the god of the Jews (chapter 71)

You tell me you cannot believe in Odin because he doesn't answer you when you call to him, while "god" does. Odin doesn't answer you for as very simple reason; Odin knows that we must get along ourselves if we are to become stronger, if he helps us out it's cheating, it will undermine humanities natural selection process, the weak will become the strong. So therefore, he answers no one, not you, not me, or any others for Odin is the strongest god. I rely on my own strength and power and choose to not yield to someone who might be stronger, so I can die, and be born again later with a new chance to bring us a notch further in evolution.
You require something from your "god", that he shall answer you when you call to him, and I require nothing from my god, that's what makes me so unbelievably stronger than you! You require from your "god", I give to my god! What do I give? I give him much honor and glory, he can be proud of me, one of his strong and faithful sons, I get nothing back, and that is what is true love, to be able to give and offer yourself for something without getting anything in return!!! It requires a much stronger belief, to believe in a god who doesn't answer you if you call to him, and only those with a strong belief, true belief, can believe in such a god. For he answers no one, but sits silent and watches those who have a strong belief that he, or she, altogether believes in him, in the All-Father - in Odin!

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